TV - less

We did it! Not without hesitation, but we got rid of our TV. I love TV, as I wrote previously here. But I hate all the room a TV takes up in our small space. Our TV has been a giant eye sore on one of our very few feature walls. I finally got the guts to part with our flatscreen (I say “I” because Trevor does not share my deep love of TV and has been on board with losing our TV for a while).

Now, not having a TV doesn’t mean we aren’t dependent on technology. We have laptops and iPads and smartphones so anything we want to watch is not far away. But now we actually have to pull out these devices to watch something rather than mindlessly turning on the TV because we are staring right at it anytime we sit on the couch. Hopefully one day soon when the price of projectors goes down we can watch movies projected onto our Murphy Bed. But until then, I am excited to try living without a television and gaining a sideboard to style.