Toddler Stuff: Stickers


Is there a toddler out there who isn’t obsessed with stickers?  I haven’t met one yet.  Our Melissa and Doug reusable stickers we bought for our road trip (and saved our sanity), have found a place in our home.  After a few incidents scraping stickers off of the furniture and floor, we stopped buying regular stickers.  Not to mention the fact that conventional stickers are quite wasteful and a bit worrisome when your toddler is regularly chewing on them.

The reusable stickers only stick to the pages in the book they come with or another smooth surface like a window or a fridge. We have low windows that Theo can now reach so he sticks and unsticks the reusable stickers on the window.  When I finally tire of the stickers on the window I put them back on the reusable sheets and the cycle starts all over again. It is a very well spent $8.  And like any toy I love this one doesn’t take up much space, the same space as a book on a shelf.