Thoughtful Soap


Previously, I had written about a beautiful soap dispenser I purchased from The Soap Dispensary up the street from my house (previous post here). I didn’t completely understand everything they offered when I bought this beautiful amber glass soap bottle but I am just beginning to grasp it. Turns out they refill your bottles with wonderful cleaning brands we love like Sapadilla for much less than buying the same soap at the store. 

So far we have refilled our dish soap and hand soap for much less than buying the same soaps on sale. This also saves us wasting bottles or arguing over taking out the recycling as often. The Soap Dispensary is about 12 blocks from our house so now it is on our walking chore list, yet another reason I love this city. On our most recent trip to refill our soaps we learned that they are starting to refill food items like Soya Sauce and Maple Syrup. We may give that a try next time. I love the idea of having less recycling and supporting a local business with beautiful aesthetics. 

As you may notice from the picture The Soap Dispensary only carries the most beautiful home care items. I hope to slowly update our cleaning supplies so that I only have beautiful functional cleaning items. Oh and if the insides of my closets looked like this peg board wall I would be so happy!

ps. they carry Kontex towels too…just saying’ they have good taste ;)