The Plan

It’s been on my list forever to get a floorplan done of our apartment.  I tried out an app called Magic Plan (link in iTunes here).  I found the app initially tricky because you are better off having clear corners to get precise measurements and in our small space every corner is used.  Once I got the hang of it, things went pretty smoothly and I’ve ended up with a mostly accurate floor plan of our space ( I had to take measurements the old fashioned way to be sure the app worked!).

One of the best features of the app are the furniture and fixtures that you can customize and add to your floor plan.  This feature could come in handy in the future when trying out different layouts or furniture.  See below for the layout of our 600 square foot home.

note: the app was free but you have to pay to get the pdf/jpeg of your floor plan.  My floorplan was $3.99.