The Entry


Our entry way is actually quite substantial by Vancouver Condo standards.  We have a small hallway and a closet, many apartments have nothing more than a door that opens right into the living room or kitchen.  I still find keeping the entry way neat and tidy a constant struggle.  Three human’s shoes and coats for all the seasons can quickly pile up, not to mention our stroller that is folded up in the corner (not pictured ;) ).  

Our storage bench provides double duty holding our recycling bins and bicycle accessories and providing a spot to put on our shoes.  I find the bench at 19″ deep, too deep for our hallway and am perpetually on the hunt for an alternative bench or cabinet that can provide desperately needed storage without taking up precious inches.  

Our entry is a work in progress but the most success we’ve had so far is a place for everything.  Keys go on the hanging organizer, shoes in the closet an mail in the wood house box.

oh and in the far corner there is the best purchase when you have a heavy door and a stroller!  A doorstop. (pictured here, bought at Much and Little in Vancouver, the most beautifully curated store)