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Life Changing Magic of Linen Sheets (Small Shop Love: LAST LIGHT)

When you live in a small space with 4 people you learn to be okay with being uncomfortable and inconvenienced. I truly think this has made me a better person. A bit more patient, a lot less entitled and more flexible than I ever thought I could be. When putting away my bed everyday becomes the norm and not being able to access my closet past 8pm acceptable, a touch of luxury in our living situation can have a big impact. We recently replaced our bedding with Last Light Collection Linen bedding and I'm pretty sure I will be happy in a wall bed for the rest of my life as long as I'm sleeping in these dreamy sheets.

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Wall Bunk Beds... The First Few Months

Checking in on having wall bunk beds (the Kalli Duo from Resource Furniture link here) for a few months now. It's safe to say we are really happy with the investment. And it's also safe to say I felt like throwing up when they were installed because I was so nervous that we had made the wrong decision. But now it seems like it was the most perfect choice to allow us to stay in our small space. I thought I would share some insights into what we've learned

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