Shared Kid's Room Update: Both Kids in the Wall Bunk Beds


I looked back on the blog and realized that I haven't written a proper update about the kid's bedroom since Mae graduated from the mini crib into the lower bunk. It's crazy the milestones that seemed so big the first time around and now just pass with barely a glance. Sorry Mae! But I'm sure you will be better off without all the focus Theo had, ha! Oh and before anyone asks... we have the Resource Furniture Kali Duo Wall Bunk Beds. Here are two previous posts about them (1 and 2 and Naps)

Mae has been sleeping on the bottom bunk for just over 3 months, beginning when she was 20 months old. I listened to all the helpful suggestions I received here and on instagram and tried the pool noodle, rolled up blankets and all the free fixes to stop her from rolling out of the bed. None seemed to work so we relented and bought one of those mesh guards off amazon (link here). While I don't love it aesthetically speaking, it does the trick of keeping her safe in bed and is quick and easy to install and remove. I doubt we will need it for more than a year. 

Since Mae is cozy on the bottom bunk, Theo has moved up to the top bunk and has handled it just fine. The railings on the bed are substantial and we haven't had any scares yet. He seems to sleep less actively up there. We spent a lot of time worrying and anticipating him falling out of that bunk. Not sure if those worries were unfounded or if the timing was just right for him to move up there. I'm not saying that all 4.5 year olds can be on the top bunk. Just reporting on our situation. 

Theo still uses the top bunk for quiet solo play when he needs to escape from everyone. Now that Mae can climb the ladder, we often remove the ladder (such a good feature of this bed!). Theo is really agile and a climber so he can find his own way up and down without the ladder. I really hesitate sharing this as I'm sure someone will have something to say about safety. Just know we are nearby and the kid's are rarely out of sight and never out of earshot.

I've also been asked a few times recently how often we fold the beds away. Not sure I can put a number on it but it's not often. But when we do I am so grateful for the option. It's often when we have a bunch of kids over and want a full play room for them.


Our friends at Collage Collage made these custom felt boards for us as a way to use the surface of the bed when it's folded up. I don't know if you can see but there is a felt version of Ferdinand our van and mountains and trees!! With the beds away we can make big train tracks or lego and still have room for the play tent. I compare it to our extending dining table. We may only extend it once a month but when we do it's so valuable to transform our space to seat more people (now we just need some more folding chairs and somewhere to stash them!). Our queen wall bed on the other hand is pure survival for our small space. We couldn't live as a family of four in our small space comfortably without it. 

Oh and just in case this post sounds like everything is awesome all the time, Mae has been trying to drop her only nap or if she naps then stays up until 10pm lately. So while the beds and their room is great, kids will be kids and all the small space solutions in the world can't make your kid sleep. But if I've learned anything these past almost 5 years is, this too shall pass....