Thank you for the emails, comments and questions following the Apartment Therapy post.  I thought I would try to answer them all here.  If I’ve missed anything please let me know.

Where did we find our couch?

Our couch was a lucky find on Boxing Day at Scan Design, a local Scandinavian furniture store.  I doubt that is very helpful but we looove it and it is as comfy as it looks. More details on this post 

How is our closet space? Where do we keep all of our clothes and Theo’s?

I promise to take some photos of our closets soon.  But the breakdown is as follows: our clothes closet is still in Theo’s room with floor to ceiling curtains to cover the closet (previous post here).  Theo’s clothes are in a small closet just outside the bedroom.  We also have an entrance closet which holds all our jackets and shoes that is constantly bursting at the seams.  

Where is the armchair in our living room from?

Our armchair was another lucky Craigslist find that I had cushions made for.  It is a classic mid-century design.  My favourite search words on Craigslist for items like this are “mid-century” “mid-century modern” “teak” “walnut".

Is there anything that we really miss having in our small home?

This is a tougher question to answer as I feel like we make a lot of compromises to live in a small space but there is so much good that comes from it that I really try not to focus on what we don’t have and instead on what we gain from living small. BUT…. if I really focus on it, I would love to have a mud room to hold all of coats, shoes, boots and stroller that is not.  Trevor would like a man cave for his turntables, scotch bar and future table top arcade games.  He often references this hypothetical man cave :).

Where did we find our tree growth chart?

Our sweet tree growth chart was made by our friend Sean for Theo for Christmas. Such a thoughtful gift!

How do I reach all the high storage, tall cabinets etc?

I am only 5′2″ so all of our high storage is a struggle.  We have a folding step stool we keep in our pantry closet but I am often climbing on chairs and countertops or begging for Trevor to get things down from high places.

Anyway, can’t thank everyone who asked a question enough for reading about our little family’s daily life in our small space and taking the time to send me a note.