Packing List for a Busy 1.5 Year Old


Everytime we go away we learn new lessons of how to travel and pack with a little one.  Some of the lessons carry forward and some are just so specific to the exact age Theo is at the time.  Hopefully this list may help if you are planning a beach get away with a similar aged little one.

Packing List for 1.5 year old beach vacation:

Crib (Pack N Play)

Travel Stroller - Maclaren Triumph, also our only stroller

Phil & Ted’s Lobster

Stacking Toy - holds attention and small in size

1 Stuffie - Jellycat Dog

1 Ball 

1 Toy Car

4 of his favourite books - which we can now all recite

Converse slip ons

Water Shoes - Very useful but ugly

Swim Diapers

Love Child Squeeze Packs - back up food that was very helpful

Things we packed that were useless:

Babiators - adorable sunglasses he refused to wear

Kids Headphones - again, he refused to wear them

Cartoons on Ipad - hoped would keep his attention on the plane, no luck

Things we bought there:

A hat

More diapers