One Bathroom, Three Humans


Yes, we have only one washroom for 3 people.  We make it work.  Mostly we do this by letting each other know when we are going to use the bathroom… like, “i’m giving Theo a bath, do you need the bathroom before?”.  Yes, it is very unromantic, but necessary for survival.  We also just learn to work around and with each other i.e.) family teeth brushing and joint primping and prepping for work or a night out.

Our high ceilings help and I’ve kept everything white and bright to help the space feel as big as possible.  I have dreams of switching out our countertops to something lighter with an under mount sink but the current black granite is totally functional and is easy to clean.  

I feel that you can’t talk about living small without the awkward realities of it like washroom sharing.  One bathroom for 3 people is definitely not a dream situation but it is completely fine for now.  And with only one bathroom there is only one bathroom to clean!