Mother Mag Feature - Motherhood and Raising Two Kids in 600 square feet

Me and the kids for  Mother Mag . All Photos by  @modern_nest_photography

Me and the kids for Mother Mag. All Photos by @modern_nest_photography

I was featured this week on Mother Mag, a site I greatly admire. I still can’t believe I was included in their Motherhood series, which I read religiously. Amy of Modern Nest Photography came to our home (all the way from Calgary!) to photograph me and the kids (Trevor was off the hook this time) at home. The behind the scenes was me frantically cleaning the house until it was spotless and then tidying behind the kids as they played, while also simultaneously trying to look calm, happy and not sweaty. Basically Amy is magic.

Then I disappeared to the coffee shop a few times over the next weekend to pour my heart into the questionnaire sent over from Mother Mag. I don’t think I’ve ever had to answer such in depth questions about my life or motherhood. It was an exercise like no other. I was really nervous the night before it was published as I felt I had laid it all out there for people to judge. I have been overwhelmed by the response. This is truly a beautiful community of kind and uplifting women (and a few men! 7% to be precise, ha). Thanks so much to new readers and old. People who DM me regularly with encouragement or just to share in what ways our lives and struggles and joys are similar.

Inspired Small and Minimal Living

I missed a couple things that I wanted to mention here. I forgot to mention @brownkids and @elim_chu and @scandinavianstylist as inspirational small living/minimal/less is more accounts on Instagram that I love. I’m sure I’m forgetting more and I will share as they come to me.

Addressing Criticism and the Housing Market

Secondly, I am very lucky that I don’t get a lot of negative comments or trolls but the negative comments I get, usually have something to do with the housing market/crisis in Vancouver and whether I address it sufficiently. Housing in Vancouver is difficult and I don’t deny that it is challenging for most. It is challenging for us too and I know we are in a privileged position of owning property (albeit small property). But the housing market is out of my control and influence. What is in my control is how I feel about it and what I do for myself and my family. We are making the best of what could be seen as a difficult situation - 4 people in a one bedroom, who can’t necessarily afford a larger place. And we have found unexpected joy and contentment in living small in the city. We can choose to stay in this city or we could move to a more affordable city or a more rural location. If we stay I have to accept the circumstances that are out of my control. Being angry about it isn’t going to change it. And I don’t think spreading anger or discontent is going to help anyone else feel better about the housing market or their particular living situation. So I’m probably not going to address it again here. But I will continue to share our story, as I know feel confident that it helps others feel proud for living small, editing their possessions or buying less.

With that out of the way…. if you would like to read the article I’ve linked to it below and if you are new here because of it, thanks for being here!