Minimal Toddler Lunch

I am no expert at food or cooking, nor do I claim to be though I am spoiled with talented friends who cook and feed me and teach me tricks.  I am a mediocre cook but I do make my best efforts at dinner and lunch for my family of 3. I was actually scared to even take a picture of this lunch for Theo but I wanted to share this container that we have used for the last year to pack his lunch for daycare.  

This stainless steel box with 3 compartments reminds me to pack the various food groups, while keeping them separate which our little guy really prefers.  It’s also easy to clean and doesn’t leak. It is so nice to just have one container to clean and pack.  I wish our tupperware collection was as organized and easy to deal with as this.  I will add upgrading our tupperware collection that to the list of things to improve in our small space.  But in the meantime, I cannot recommend this little lunchbox enough.  

Soon we may need to add one more container as his appetite continues to grow but for now this little box is just right.

Lunch Bots // Food Container //bought at Much and Little