Mini Crib Update


In case you were wondering, at 2 years old, Theo is still in his mini crib.  Most days he sleeps curled up like a bug but some days he unfolds like this and I am reminded that we need to start making a plan.  

But what is the next step?  

This is the dilemma of the 2 year old in the mini crib!  Do we buy a bigger crib to keep him contained for another year?  Or do we make the leap to a toddler bed and risk him crawling into our bed every night? What about a mattress on the floor?  I totally understand people’s desire and love of co-sleeping but in 600 square feet with Trevor and I already sleeping very nearby in the living room, we want to keep our bed just for us (and morning cuddles with Theo of course).  Theo’s room only has sliding doors so there isn’t an easy way to keep him in his room.  So for those reasons a toddler bed at this point in time is intimidating.

As you can see the clock is ticking and he isn’t getting smaller.  We must decide sooner rather than later.  The hunt begins…