Evening Walks

This summer has been so beautiful in Vancouver. We’ve almost forgotten what rain feels like. So we’ve been taking advantage of the warm nights and have been getting outside a lot. After dinner we head to the nearest park or sometimes we just walk or “run bike” the neighbourhood. It’s unplanned, we just go. Lately Theo has taken to bringing his harmonica along and serenading the streets. It’s completely wonderful and hilarious all at once.

 And yes we get outside in the evenings because our place is small and sometimes we all need a little air and more space to run free. But surprisingly, stopping to pick every dandelion puff, swing on every bike rack and delight over every rock has been teaching me about slowing down. I feel like this little guy is unknowingly teaching me things I have been failing to learn my whole life. Slow down, be present and get outside with no destination. All things I would never have done before becoming a mom to this boy.