Don’t Give Things, Give Experiences


Recently I received a note asking for gift ideas that don’t add clutter and stuff to people’s spaces (thanks so much for the push by the way!).  I’m usually someone who starts Christmas prep in mid-December so I appreciate the push to start thinking about this now. 

The simplest answer is to give experiences and not things. My husband and I’s gift to each other this Christmas and a few more ahead is our Westfalia Van that we hope will lead to us to many adventures and experiences to come. Beyond getting outside and travelling, I love learning something new from someone who knows how to do it better than me. I would love to get the gift of a class or workshop from any of the talented people below. And I find the best gifts are the ones you want to keep for yourself ;).

Here are some wonderful local shops that host creative classes and workshops. These beautiful spaces led by inspiring local creatives will teach a new skill and maybe a new hobby.  I can’t think of a better gift for your mom, brother or best friend.

Collage Collage Adult Craft Classes (link here)

Studio126YVR Weaving and Canning workshops (link here)

Rogue Florist Wreath Workshops (link here)

Union Wood Co. Woodworking Class (link here) (I took the cutting board class last year and loved it)

Saige and Skye Weaving Workshops (link here)

Dirty Apron Cooking Class (link here)

If you aren’t in Vancouver here are a couple of online options.  I took the Frolic Floral Arranging class and completely loved it.  It taught essentials for flower arranging that enabled me to do the floral arranging for friends’ weddings. The skills we learned have stayed with us for birthday bouquets and flower crowns.

Frolic Blog Floral Arranging 101 (link here)

Photoshop 101 (link here)

*wreath made by me thanks to classes past