Bike Life

I have said it before but I’ll say it again, we love to bike around town with Theo. It is tough getting through a to-do list with a toddler in tow but we have found that some sort of activity before the chore makes it less likely for bad behaviour to happen. Biking to our chores is the best way to get what we need to get done while convincing Theo we are on an adventure.

I am so happy we can hop on our bikes and ride along tree lined bike routes to get almost anywhere we need to go. This past weekend it was to the Apple Store for a new computer battery.

It took me a couple of rides to get comfortable at stop signs and I have managed to raise my seat up a bit higher now that I am used to the extra weight at the front of the bike. Being up a bit higher helps on the hills. I also traded my cute 1970’s Raleigh with 3 gears for a more practical hybrid bike with many gears to make the ride more enjoyable.  

Now it’s just about getting Theo to stop ringing the bell!

I am still liking the ibert seat ( link here) but I wish it wasn’t fluorescent green (first world problems). I have my eye on the yepp maxi in black when Theo is too big for the iBert. For now I am loving him tucked in between my handle bars so I can sing and chat with my little guy and sneak cheek kisses at stop lights.