Baby Room Tips in a Small Space

1) You don’t need a Change Table - while it’s nice to have one, a change table is not an absolute necessity. The top of a dresser or even a portable pad you use around the house will work fine.  We took the hanging change pad that came with our pack and play and adjusted it so it fit hanging in our mini crib.

2) Hanging Pocket Storage - We hung a fabric ikea storage compartment on the side of the crib.  It holds wipes, creams and lots of diapers without taking up any needed space.  We used another hanging shoe pocket organizer on the inside of the door of the baby closet to hold tiny t-shirts and baby accessories. (Examples here and here)

3) Necessities as Decor - There are some baby things you just need like a humidifier for when they are sick. Finding necessities that are well designed and can fit in with your baby room decor is a great way to incorporate them and saves having to find a place to store it. Here is the humidifier I found that is not ugly, works great and fits nicely into the baby room (Click here)! 

4) Baskets and Bins - Basket and bins in fabrics or materials that look good in your space are a great way to contain toys.  They can also become a toy in and of themselves.