A Place For Everything

This corner of our kitchen has become a problem.  Instead of neatly stacked cutting boards and a pretty cactus, this corner is where things that have no place gather.  This week alone I have found empty milk bottles waiting to go back for deposit, sport water bottles, and lost tupperware lids in this corner.  What I was reminded of again was that in a small space everything needs a place.  If it doesn’t have a place then that item usually is in the way, creating clutter and chaos.  

So I cleared a space in the cupboard for the sport water bottles that are always on the countertop. We returned the milk bottles that usually sit for weeks and reorganized the tupperware.  Then I put out pretty cutting boards and a cactus and all felt right.  The next day I had to start again, to find a place for the items that land on this kitchen corner but hopefully one day soon everything will have a place so I don’t have to think about it because it’s the thinking that slows me down. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs a spot that I know it always goes. I’ll know i’ve found it when this corner looks like the photo and is free of clutter.

A place for Everything and Everything in it’s place.