A New Kind of Vacation


Some people think we are crazy…seems like an ongoing theme; crazy to live in such a tiny apartment, crazy to live in the city with a baby, crazy to travel with a baby/toddler to Mexico and not stay at an all inclusive child-friendly resort. Crazy for renting an apartment in Mexico, feeding him the local food and let him run wild on the beach.

We may be a bit crazy but while travelling with a toddler is not very relaxing, it is fun and funny.  Seeing new places through his eyes adds a whole new element to getting away.  He loved the noise, energy, and colours of mexico.  

Theo’s top picks were fresh squeezed lemonade, almond milk smoothies, fresh pineapple on the beach and dried seaweed covered in sand. He said “hola” to everyone he met and danced in the streets.