A Humidifier for Our Small Space


Trevor and I have this constant push and pull relationship about our small space. I want it to be as minimal and beautiful as possible and Trevor wants it to function. Usually we battle it out and end up with a compromise that works for both of us. One point of contention in our space has been fans and humidifiers. I would rather go without a fan for space and aesthetic reasons but Trevor is insistent on having a fan/air purifier. We both agree that a humidifier is necessary, especially in the winter months for helping with sickness and dry skin. We've had an ugly tower fan/purifier for the last year or two that I have hated (and never shared here, though I have been asked, because it was loud and bulky and ugly). 

Finally we have found a compromise that works for our small space functionally and aesthetically. It also allowed us to get rid of our bulky fan and table top humidifier in place of one piece that provides all these functions and more. I'm looking forward to this being our fan in the summer too. It's such an upgrade to our previous fan. Happy to share about the Dyson Humidifier.

I'm sure I've shared before about how the kid's room doesn't have the best air flow. With one small window that can't be opened and two sliding doors into our kitchen, it can get stuffy. To keep the room quiet we try to mostly close the doors at night (with blackout shades) but we leave them cracked to allow for air flow. We are often sneaking into their room at night to check the temperature and stuffiness of the room (it's always too hot or too cold and always stuffy). Since we have been using the Dyson Humidifier I have noticed such a difference in the air quality in their room. I don't understand the technology but something about the humidifier, air distribution and purification and it sure feels a lot better in their room. Both kids have just gotten over colds and their lingering coughs seems much better when we use the humidifier. I like to think that if we use it everyday this winter they won't catch each other's colds even sleeping in the same room (ha! I'll let you know how that goes... I'm sure it's wishful thinking).

We already have a Dyson Vacuum (shared my love for it in a previous post here) and now with this humidifier, I'm not sure they can do any wrong. We have to be so careful about what we bring into our space but this was a great choice for the health and comfort of our kids. Here's a link to the Dyson site with more detailed and eloquent information about how the technology works. Trevor, master of function, loves the ability to adjust the humidity and fan level independently and the sleep timer. I like that it is white (ha! Told you we are different).



Thanks to Dyson for asking me to test out this humidifier in our space. We're thrilled with it and I'm sure will come to understand and love it more in the coming winter months.

(This post is not sponsored, thoughts are completely my own. We were gifted the Dyson Humidifier and are very grateful)