2018 Round up: Favourite Posts

600sqft 2018 Roundup

I was able to find a renewed enthusiasm for the blog this year. I sat with myself and really questioned why I was still writing it and whether it was bringing me joy. The truth is, it was and still is. Even though I haven’t figured out how to translate this space into income, the joy I get from the creative outlet and most importantly the community I’ve found here is enough for me to keep going.

I hope you find this space to be real, honest and helpful. And I hope that whether you live in a tiny, small or medium space that it serves you and you get what you need from it.

So thank you for being here, for reading and sharing. Below are links to the most read articles of 2018.

When Will We Move We’ve started looking at 2 bedroom properties in the city and all it’s done is make me appreciate our space more.

Starting a Tough Conversation About Fewer Gifts Have been getting messages about how this letter helped this holiday. It’s a process but so happy it helped a bit!

Small Home Tours: Katie of A Dutch Life Hoping to have more tours in 2019. Katie’s home was the perfect start and will be hard to top!

The Edited Baby Registry Not written last year and products are changing all the time but I still stand by this list.

How Our Kids Sleep in a Shared Room It works, it really works, I swear.

Things You Don’t Need When You Are About to Have a Baby Babies need so much less than we think the do!

Entertaining in a Small Space with Kids Hoping to do more entertaining and even cooking for guests this coming year.

Cup of Jo Featured Our Small Apartment One of the big highlights of my year. Having our home featured on my favourite blog of all time. I’m not sure I will ever get over this.