Sharing a Kids Room (Part 8)

Image: Rafa Kids

Image: Rafa Kids

Never stopping..... hahahahaha (maniacal laugh). But really in my search to make our small room work for two kids I keep coming across the most beautiful furniture.  Much of it is brought to my attention by readers! So if you wrote to send me your favourites, thank you so much.  Some days I still can't believe people visit this little space of the internet, let alone take the time to share you thoughts with me. Here is a round up of some of the most beautiful and smartly designed bunk beds for small spaces.

Personally bunk beds are still a bit of an issue for us as Theo is not 4 until August and is a monkey. He loves jumping off things and climbing (maybe I should stop taking him to Parkour? nope... because he loves it and because every time I take him I think of this scene from The Office).  Also Theo has a tendency to stand up in his bed in the middle of the night and move around, it's a bit of sleep walking.  All of this has us worried about putting him on a top bunk at least for another year.

But every kid is so different! And maybe your age ranges are different than ours... so if you are on the hunt check out these..... All were chosen for their clean lines, and minimal footprint.

ps. we did make a decision on the kids beds and will be sharing it soon!

Land of Nod Abridged Bunk Bed


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