The Infant Car Seat for Us [And Instagram Giveaway]

My walking crew... Photo by Trevor 

My walking crew... Photo by Trevor 

Living small is mostly about an intention and effort to live with less space and less things and it is a little bit about choosing the right gear/furniture to make living small possible. I believe that I have mentioned before that not only do we have a small home but we also have a small car! So before Theo was born and the world of baby gear was entirely overwhelming, I did hours of research to find a safe, high quality carseat.  As with most baby gear items, I was concerned about size ;).  I needed an infant car seat with the less depth to fit in our tiny car.  I also wanted a light car seat that would be easy to move around and carry. The Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 was the one for us (as I've shared previously in my Newborn Essentials for a Small Space Post).  The Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 was adaptable to both of our strollers (the bad stroller I used when Theo was a newborn and our current stroller that I love).  I wanted the luxury of easily removing the carseat from the car when baby fell asleep (it's just one click)... this happened a lot when Theo was a newborn, and only a handful of times for Mae, my very light sleeper.  I found that having the option to carry the carseat inside or click it into the stroller, made getting out for car trips much less intimidating in those early months when everything can seem intimidating. 

I figure it goes without saying that knowing my baby was safe in the carseat was the ultimate priority but I knew that aspect was covered so I could worry about things like size, lightness and design.  I love the clean simple design of the Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30, I don't think there is a better looking infant carseat. When a carseat makes it through two babies, it takes a bit of abuse and ours still looks great.

Maxi Cosi Canada noticed that I had previously shared my satisfaction with this infant car seat and offered to host a giveaway on my Instagram. Hop over there to enter (due to safety regulations this contest is open to Canadians only)! Also if you are looking to purchase the same carseat here is a link.

This is my first sponsored post.  Maxi Cosi is a brand I have purchased myself and been very happy with so this partnership felt right to me. I also chose this as my first sponsored post because it gives something back to you, the readers. Thank you for reading and supporting this small passion project of mine as it grows.