Bringing Baby Home... to an (almost) 3 year old

We are so grateful to friends and family who have come by to meet Mae, bringing food, wine and open arms to hold her.  So many of them also brought a small gift for Theo which was incredibly sweet.  Smartly, knowing our small space doesn't allow for many toys, he was often gifted a book. Above are a few of the new books he received to ease the change of having a baby sister and having to share the spotlight.

We also gave him a gift from baby Mae when we came from the hospital... the classic hairdresser playdough set (ugh the mess that toy makes! but he loves it).  I get the feeling we will have to deal with a bit of entitlement for a bit as with each visitor, he asks... "did you bring a present?".  But we are so grateful for thoughtful friends who take the time to recognize and celebrate Theo as a big brother.