Experiential Mother's Day Gifts

I love things just as much as the next girl but living in a small space makes me really think about what we bring in.  So with Mother's Day coming up I've been thinking about gifts that wouldn't bring more things into the home. 

Coffee at our house

Coffee at our house

1) Coffee at Home 

Making your own coffee at home can be relaxing and delicious if you have the right tools.  A beautiful coffee maker like a Chemex and beans from your local coffee shop.  If you are in the US, I would order the coffee bean subscription service from Blue Bottle (what I wouldn't give for some New Orleans Iced Coffee right now!!)

2) Your Local Coffee Shop

I know gift cards aren't romantic but getting out to a coffee shop with a newborn saved my sanity. It is still one of my favourite things to do with Theo; getting a soy cappuccino and a croissant to share.  Give the mom in your life a gift card to a nearby coffee shop so she can get out of the house, talk to adults and have a treat for herself.  In my city my top picks are Elysian, Revolver, 49th Parallel or Matchstick.

Image: Untitled by Barbara Kruger / Photo by Rachel Topham, Vancouver Art Gallery

Image: Untitled by Barbara Kruger / Photo by Rachel Topham, Vancouver Art Gallery

3) Membership to the Art Gallery

A membership to your local gallery (VAG in Vancouver, member info here) means another place to take the babe in the rain and also a place for mom to escape to when she needs an hour or two with herself or a friend. It's a gift that carries on for the whole year

Source:  Etsy

Source: Etsy

4) Workshop 

Learning a new craft or skill is always a great gift.  Right now I have my eye on one of those Indigo Socials (link here) or a Floral workshop at The Vancouver Flower School (link here).

Our last visit to Scandinave

Our last visit to Scandinave

5) Scandinave Spa

I'm sure I've said it before and it's probably on my mind because at almost 30 weeks pregnant I am not able to go but Scandinave Spa in Whistler is a tired Mom's dream. Send her alone or with friends, or get a sitter and go together. You will not regret it. 

6) What I Want

But what I really want this year is one of the beautifully curated gift boxes from local darling Old Joy Gift Boxes.  Her instagram posts of the Bambino baby boxes are killing me.  I know I am contradicting myself as it is technically "things" but the boxes are filled with locally sourced items that support many wonderful small handmade businesses.