Screenshot of the new page :)

Screenshot of the new page :)

I've finally added Categories to the site! Wooooooo!  And I am way too excited about this.  I have put most posts into one of the sections listed on the new Categories page (located at the top of every page, after Featured).  This way if you are looking for something specific, like Toddler related items (Toddler Stuff) or Minimalism focused posts (Fewer Things), it is now much easier to find them. See the Categories and general descriptions below.  Please visit the new page (here) and let me know how it goes!

Baby Stuff - including baby gear, clothes and baby focused posts

Toddler Stuff - toddler related toys, gear, behaviour, and general cuteness

Fewer Things - focused on minimalism, fewer, better quality possessions

Our Small Space - everything related to our small space, how it looks and how we live in it

Ferdinand the Van - our adventures in our 82 Westfalia Ferdinand

Get Outside - how we get out of the house, in our city or travelling abroad

Mama Things - style, gifts and musings just for mums

Shared Kids Room - we gave up our bedroom to our first baby and now we need to fit 2 in there