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Our Necessities for Small Family Living

I am loving contributing to the Small Family Homes series. It makes me step outside of what I would normally write, and gives me an assignment, not unlike school (I love school), to put my own words and thoughts to. This month the title is "Necessities of Small Family Living". At first thought, the obvious response is to list all of the items in our home that make living small more comfortable or even possible...

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How We Ended up Living Small

As a part of the Small Family Homes blog post this month (See the previous first post here) organized by Kate of The Streamlined Life we are revisiting something I haven't spoken about in a while - How we ended up Living Small with kids.  It feels like a lifetime ago that we were just two twenty somethings living in our 600 square foot apartment. Funny enough I would argue that our space was more cluttered and less efficient with just two of us in it than now with 4! 

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