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Small Home Tour: Melissa, Jonny, Jake and a Studio in under 600sqft!

Melissa and Jonny among many things created and run a natural hot sauce company (with impeccable branding) Jonny Hetherington Essentials. We have been polite neighbours for years, just a quick hello in the halls or the street but in the last couple of years our kids have fallen in love with each other so we find ourselves at each other's small homes quite often.

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How I think one family can live small with a baby (and it's not a Murphy Bed)

Once in a while a friend will truly ask for my input in their space and I love it! Some dear friends of ours asked my opinion recently on their one bedroom apartment and their current awkward sleeping arrangements and I was more than happy to give my opinion (I have been told at times I have too many opinions, ha. Good thing I found somewhere to put them all, this blog). 

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